Jamshid Hashimi

Jamshid is founder and chair of the board of trustees at CodeWeekend , the first and biggest computer science community in Afghanistan. He has a degree from Dokuz Eylul University of Turkey in Computer Engineering and has nearly a decade of work experience in the field of technology development and innovation both in Turkey and Afghanistan. Jamshid also initiated and co-founded the Book Club Afghanistan community, the first and biggest book readers community in Afghanistan. He is also Communications Director at TEDxKabul, New Ventures Advisor at Afghan Professional Network (APn) and Apps for Good Expert at Apps for Good, an open-source education technology movement based in London.

Jamshid was awarded by Microsoft as MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) for two consecutive years, first in Turkey and then in Afghanistan, and recognized with an award from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) as the best Solution Provider for the health sector of Afghanistan in their DEWAE program. Jamshid has taught multiple classes in universities, private institutions and organizations on Web Application development, Desktop Application Development, Sales Success, Digital Literacy, ICT Project Management and Software Development methodologies. He actively volunteers, uses social media and loves to learn and share.