Quhramana Kakar

Quhramaana Kakar is a leading figure in Afghanistan working for womens empowerment in the areas of leadership development through political participation in peace-building and Womens Economic Development. She works hard to represent the most vulnerable and deprived group of Afghan women and youth. She aims to provide leadership to those who are the biggest target of the 30 years war in the country. She is N-Peace 2012 Role Model for Peace awardee, currently providing support to UN peace-network as advisor on the strategic board. She is also founder of the Women for Peace and Participation.

She was the Gender Advisor for the Afghanistan Peace and Reconciliation Program, to ensure that womens interests are considered and integrated in the work of the High Peace Council and the Joint Secretariat for the High Peace Council. To this end, she has been developing gender responsive policies and organizing women groups to function as a pressure group to the government. She has been working for refugee women development in Afghan refugee communities in Pakistan working with various international organizations at higher managerial positions, while helping them with economic empowerment and education. She worked as advisor to UN-IOM. She also worked as Deputy Chief of Party for USAIDs higher education development project in Afghanistan. She also worked as Program Officer for Afghanistan in an international charity organization based in London, leading and implementing women empowerment projects in Afghanistan, particularly those including economic development and peace-building.

She has served as the Deputy Chief of Party on a higher education development program funded by USAID and was active in supporting a number of business start-ups for Afghan women through her work with Catholic Relief Services, including the development of women owned and women run IT businesses, providing job opportunities for those whose families who do not permit the women to work with men. She has tirelessly worked in Afghan refugee communities while educating people on peaceful coexistence among various communities. She worked on leadership development among women and youth groups. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Management and M.Phil in Economics and Management from University in Pakistan. A Masters Degree in Public Policy from Germany and an and she has recently completed an Mphil at the University of Cambridge also considered as first year of her PHD program. Ms. Kakar aims to engage women and youth in the most insecure parts of the country towards creating peace and rebuilding Afghanistan, therefore she founded the organization, Women for Peace and Democracy focusing on Afghanistan while aiming to work with most excluded communities and groups of Afghans, including the Afghan refugees and Afghan Diaspora.