Overview of Discourse Afghanistan

Discourse Afghanistan is an APn-led initiative which aims to build a library of reliable, unbiased and up-to-date information on Afghanistan. Discourse Afghanistan offers a platform from which to share and access evidence-based research about Afghanistan; from its history, culture and literature to its geography, scientific and technological developments. Discourse Afghanistan holds seminars, conferences and debates to a) generate dialogue and discussions on published and prospective works; and b) enhance public and professional knowledge and understanding of Afghanistan and its people.

Discourse Hour
The Discourse Hour is a monthly event series to discuss topics that are of importance to Afghanistan and its people. The aim is to encourage productive dialogue between intellects within the Afghan community as well as those who have professional interests and expertise in Afghanistan, so as to create a micro ‘think tank’ to provide insights into and solutions for problems that concern Afghanistan. Meeting proceedings are published on the Discourse website.

Discourse Hour events are generally held at the University College London (UCL) in London. Please check the Events page on Facebook for upcoming events.

Examples of Discourse Afghanistan publications

  1. Inter-Cousin Marriages in Afghanistan
  2. Business and Investment Climate in Afghanistan
  3. Understanding the Challenges of Digital Data in Afghanistan
  4. Integration of a collaborative mental health care in primary care in Afghanistan
  5. Destigmatising Mental illness in Afghanistan

Submit an article for Discourse Afghanistan

Academics, professionals and students across all disciplines are invited to submit original articles for publication. We welcome and publish articles and papers on technical matters relating to Afghanistan. The articles should be original and not published elsewhere.

Publications may be in either English, Pashto or Dari and may come in the form of

  1. Primary research
  2. Reviews
  3. News analysis
  4. Viewpoints or
  5. Creative writing
  6. Video and audio-format submissions

All Discourse publications are peer reviewed by a team of dedicated editors, who are on hand to provide extensive editorial support and advice to all contributing authors. In line with APns mission statement, politically polarised articles will not be considered for publication.

Follow Discourse Afghanistan

You can follow the Facebook page or Website for the latest updates.

Contact Discourse Afghanistan

You can email the Discourse team directly on discourse@apn.af.

Discourse Afghanistan Team


Khesrow Sangarwal

Based in London, Khesrow is a Medical Doctor, having graduated from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in the UK. Khesrow writes for the BBC on scientific, medical and environmental issues.

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Dr. Sahar Emran

Based in Cambridge, Sahar holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from University College London. Her main area of interest is biogerontology, focusing on the effects of nutrition and genetics on ageing and age-related health. She has a Masters degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London, and a Bachelors...

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Lina Amir

Based in London, Lina is an experienced advisor/advocate in the voluntary sector with a passion for Human Rights and access to justice. Lina has a law degree from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a postgraduate diploma in legal practice. Her interests include Goju Ryu Karate, fitness and...

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