APn has developed numerous initiatives across three key dimensions: Education, Professional Development, and Charity.

  1. Educational initiatives facilitate knowledge sharing
    1. APn is working with the community in the UK to build reliable, unbiased and evidence-based research on the Diaspora
    2. Through Stories for Kids, APn is building a library of childrens stories by translating from other languages into Dari and Pashto, with the aim to inspire and entertain Afghan children
  2. Professional Development initiatives aim to inspire, connect and support the professional Afghan community
    1. APn is running interactive workshops in London and Kabul to accelerate the skill and career development of Afghan professionals
    2. Through Connect, APn is providing its members in Kabul and London with access to volunteering, internship and full time career opportunities in Afghanistan across a great range of private sectors, including professional services, information technology, finance, law, and the creative sectors
  3. Charitable initiatives are in the areas of social welfare and socio-economic development in Afghanistan
    1. Through Winter Warmth, APn is helping Afghan families and kids on the streets of Kabul stay warm during the winter
    2. Through Spring of Hope, APn is distributing stationary packages for poor students in Afghanistan as well as encourage and support these students to plant green trees in their schools