Overview of Stories for Kids

Education starts from the cradle and reading is an important part of a childs early education. Stories for Kids is an APn-led initiative which has one simple aim: build a library of childrens stories in Pashto and Dari by translating from other languages. The project would benefit children living in Afghanistan and abroad: while these written stories will help encourage a culture of literacy in Afghanistan, they can also be used to help teach children in the diaspora their mother tongue.

Examples of stories translated so far

Translation to Pashto

  1. Beauty and the Beast (Pashto translation by Javid Hamdard)
  2. Little Hen and the Grains of Wheat (Pashto translation by Solamal Shinwari)
  3. Dolls Play (Pashto translation by Safia Popalzai)
  4. The Smart Hat (Pashto translation by Safia Popalzai)
  5. Hero of the Mountain (Pashto translation by Fazalrabi Shirzad)
  6. Everything for a Reason (Pashto translation by M. Asim Shafiqi)

Translation to Dari

  1. Hero of the Mountain (Dari translation by Massoumeh Khakpour & Maral Rahimi)
  2. In Open Sea (Dari translation by Farhad Gharlegi)
  3. Princess and Evil (Dari translation by Javid Hamdard)
  4. The Lion and the Mouse (Dari translation by Jamshid Hashimi)

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