Winter Warmth is an APn-led charitable initiative, helping poor Afghan families and kids on the streets of Kabul stay warm during the winter. APn volunteers in Kabul distribute flour, coal, blankets. APn volunteers in London assist with fundraising activities

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You can email the connect team directly on winter@apn.af.

Winter Warmth Team

Kudsia Kaker

Kudsia Kaker is an entrepreneur and currently director of an international corporate events company, Qatalyst Global. Her role is continuously evolving as the company grows and launches into new industries and regions. Her main objective is to meet clients expectations at an event by perfectly executing onsite delivery. She works...

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Najlla Habibyar

Based in Kabul, Ms. Najlla Habibyar is the Co-Founder and Development Consultant of Ark Group, overseeing strategic business development initiatives. With a deep passion for supporting others and helping them fulfill their professional goals, Ms. Habibyar initiated the Artisan Toolkit to support artisans improve the quality of their products and...

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Jamshid Hashimi

Jamshid is founder and chair of the board of trustees at CodeWeekend , the first and biggest computer science community in Afghanistan. He has a degree from Dokuz Eylul University of Turkey in Computer Engineering and has nearly a decade of work experience in the field of technology development and...

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Fereshta Omar

Based in London, Fereshta Omar is part of the Human Resources (HR) team at Accenture, a global consulting firm, and managing ~500 employees within the Financial Services operating group. She has extensive experience in coaching employees on career progression, professional development, and disciplinary procedures. She has a BSc in Psychology...

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Farhad Timuri

Farhad has extensive entrepreneurial, investment and corporate advisory experience. He is a mentor to a number of early-stage companies globally and has a successful track record of investing in new ventures. He also acts as an independent advisor to corporate and charitable organisations. Farhad has served as the Managing Director...

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Hamina Mehraj

Based in London, Hamina has worked in the Education (teaching) and Professional Services sector for three years She has a BA in English Literature from Brunel University.

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